Month: May 2016

The joyful impact of sales and how it changes your life

Life can be so exciting and miraculous! So here I am at home. Taking care of our little one, Floris. He is sick. Chicken pocks.  Here’s a picture of that little 2 year old smooch getting better in his sleep. Flaunting his “I’m a famous singer, didn’t you know it” attitude with his blue & glitter nail polish. Ahhh…. And at the same time I am very exciting to prepare the sales training for this July 12th. Everybody is in sales nowadays. Sales is big as Daniel Pink has already pointed it out elaborately in his wonderful bestseller To Sell is Human. And Kendrick...

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Free Sales Training

A few days ago two of my favorite online teachers gave me a thumbs up! I am glooming like a 7 year old who gets a compliment from her teacher. Yeah Heah I am on the next level!! And I want to share my little personal win with you. I am starting to love my sales skills again. And I am finding my way back to what I love to do most: Give fun and practical tools to fun career women (and men) like you! You know, Sales is everywhere! You sell to your kids how to get to bed in time....

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The power of clarity

Glossary: Clarity brings you: a higher personal effectiveness a higher job/life satisfaction success that is later but also bigger than you expected and… a lot of people asking you to do their job for free 😉 Learn how to optimize your clarifying talents to your benefit with my training the And now the personal story behind these tips… With a personal website it is getting time to share a little more personal things too. Here’s a picture of my little family. Rob and I have 4 kids. Did you know that I was single the first somewhat 30 years of my...

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I need a Disney. Do you?

Last night and again this morning I watched the documentary about Pixar on Netflix. If you are a creator like me, there are moments where you know that your ideas are ahead of time. You know that what you are working on is what people need. But the masses don’t know it yet. You have a vision. You are working towards that. Because it is new. Because you are breaking ground. Because you are figuring stuff out all on your own, or in a small team of crazy enthusiastic specialists. Doing something nobody has done before and what many...

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