Month: June 2016

This mistake makes me shiver (for you)

  In the first years of my career I made a big mistake. The problem was that I did not notice that it was costing me the speed of my career. Only years later, in my next career I got it. Although changing it was not easy. It took me a lot of work, money and time to get there. I know that I am not alone here. I am not the only one who has made that mistake. In fact I have seen A LOT of women, business owners, starters, relaunchers and top career executives make the same...

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Are You Bored Too? Why Many Diversity Initiatives Fail. 5 Tips To Make It Work

Twitter style short: Get yourself prepared for the next female leadership wave that will be hitting your shore soon: GRAB YOUR HR TRAINING Last week I talked with a lady who is about to join the D&I group in her company. She is very intelligent and up to date about the latest trends: the millennials, the relaunchers, and gender, yes that too. As soon as she told me about feedback from millennials about how bored they were it struck me how bored many other generations at work are too. Did you know that we are about to embark a time where we will be...

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