Month: July 2016

Summer Reading Fun for Female Leaders

These are great reads for female leaders on the beach this summer. Lean In, is a female leadership classic written by the Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg. In the book Sheryl weaves her personal annecdotes with hard data and research. She talks about how women unintentionally hold themselves back at the table. You can watch Sheryl Sandberg in action in her Ted Interview here>> The book is in my top 10 list because she addresses some classic themes for female leaders (fe success and the inner need to be liked). Off coarse the book has gotten a sequel by Sheryl Sandberg. The...

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My Personal Working Mother Rolodex

Here is my personal working mother rolodex readily available for all you working mothers and pregnant soon to be mothers. It is my personal list of things. Please make up your own mind wether or not to use them. This is my personal working mom rolodex I often get asked what tools I use to run my life as a working mother, what I recommend and what I really think about certain services. So it’s time for me to share with you my working mother rolodex. These recommendations might safe you a lot of time and frustrations and have the potential...

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The #1 advisor we have but don’t listen to

I wish I could include a pretty picture of me here. But I am not that kind of person anymore. Life is pretty kids-health driven now (and often covered in wet kisses and dripping noses!). And yes I have the outfit and training gear ready to perform (In fact I am looking forward to dress up and perform next week in the Summer Bootcamp again). But a lot of the time life is UNglamerous and I do look like a frump when the youngest goes from chicken pocks to the flew and I go all Florence Nightingale on him. By the way, being a working...

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